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Charleston It is a beautiful city located in South Carolina. Spring is undoubtedly the most attractive time of year to visit. During the spring You will be able to enjoy the cherry blossoms as well as the azaleas and camellias. Art shows, craft fairs, and music festivals take place in the summer, making it a good time to see the culture local. Here we tell you some of the reasons most important reasons why you should go visit this American city:

Restaurants. Charleston has become a culinary destination, with talented chefs offering innovative dishes based on its most traditional cuisine. Bob Wagoner in Charleston Grill is an excellent example.

Art. The city is home to more than 133 art galleriesSo if you decide to get to know the art of the area, you will have to spend a lot of time. The Charleston Museum and dozens of others around the city will make you enjoy some very artistic days.

Spoleto Festival. If you are lucky enough to travel in may You will find the city flooded with shows: opera, music, dance and theater.

Port. Spend a relaxed day enjoying a walk around the port where you will also find elegant mansions Charleston.

Historic houses. Charleston preserves its well-kept houses as real treasures. The houses were built in the 19th century, including the house of Nathaniel Russell, converted today into a museum that you should not miss.

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