Discover Bocas Del Toro

Located at 32 kilometers from the border with Costa Rica, the Bocas del Toro archipelago is made up of six densely forested islands, dozens of uninhabited islets and the Marine National Park Isla Bastimentos which is the oldest park in Panama.

The key to this archipelago It is based on the charm of the small cities that make it up, the very Caribbean life of its inhabitants and the absence of mega-hotels. All this has allowed preserving the beauty of the archipelago making it an idyllic place. Even the most developed areas of the islands, such as the Colon Island, they have a strong local flavor with a slow and calm way of life.

Bocas, in addition to its quiet Caribbean atmosphere, will allow you to enjoy a spectacular natural environment. The islands they are covered by dense jungles and the forests are made up of large and tangled palm trees that allow you to pass to the beaches lined with reeds and mangroves. Under the water, an extensive reef ecosystem of coral and countless species of tropical fish will make your visit unforgettable.

You can make excursions through huge strips of jungle until you reach areas where it seems that nothing else exists and the waves hit the coast. Be careful to come face to face with the elusive jaguars and try to pay a visit to one of the towns of the Ngobe-Buglé (Indians of Panama). Unfortunately, you must hurry if you want to know this virgin paradise, since excavators have already started to appear, and they are beginning to clean areas to begin with the construction of some other. hotel. It is difficult to predict the future of Bocas, but one thing is certain; its beauty will not last much longer.


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