The Iraq National Museum returns

The Iraq National Museum has reopened the doors that remained closed since the invasion of the United States in 2003. This good news may serve to enhance the tourism in this Asian country, although it is true that today it is one of the most dangerous to travel. The charm of seeing how everything has turned out after such a cruel war can have its good and bad points. The numbers of tourists in the coming years will tell where the balance is heading.

Unfortunately, the large number of looting, robbery and destruction that occurred during the war have reduced the number of pieces from 15,000 to 6,000. This loss of cultural and historical heritage has been greatly regretted by all the citizens of the country, although there is still hope of recovering a large number of these lost relics.

Nuri al Maliki, Prime Minister of the Iraqi Government, has appealed to a large group of scientists and archaeologists to get back to work in an area that was being excavated to find new pieces important to the country's history. It will not be easy to start again but the obligation is to continue writing a new page in the history of Iraq.

1,300 stolen artifacts returned to National Museum of Iraq (September 2020)

  • 1,230