Tourism for gays: the 10 most visited cities

The English newspaper The Independent It has just produced a curious ranking in which theas 10 more cities gay-friendly of the world. How could it be otherwise, San Francisco heads the top ten thanks in part to the famous neighborhood of The Castro, known for having the 4 gayest corners on the planet, at the junction of 18th and Castro streets.

It is striking that in the classification there is no city or South Americaneither Africaneither Asia. Of course, we must comment that in the South African cities of Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town The gay offer is increasingly fashionable.

The 10 cities that make up the ranking are the following:

1- San Francisco (United States)
2- Sydney (Australia)
3- New York, USA)
4- Barcelona, ​​Spain)
5- Copenaghe (Denmark)
6- Paris France)
7- London England)
8- Amsterdam (Holland)
9- Berlin Germany)
10- Mykonos (Greece)

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