Online virtual museums

You no longer have an excuse to be able to see all the museums of the world. Thanks to the Internet it is possible to discover the plays one of the most visited museums in the world without leaving home.

Many museums have on their websites, images of their paintings, sculptures or archaeological objects, you even have the possibility of surf inside them as if you were walking through the corridors of the museum itself: virtual tours of its facilities.

We are aware that it is not comparable to the impressions and feelings that a visit to a museum generally produces, but we can get an idea and if we like to plan your visits in advance.

Vatican Museums

Thanks to the website, thousands of visitors can make a virtual tour through the rooms choosing those that interest them the most, such as the ina Sistine Chapel ’, the‘ Liberation of Saint Peter ’by Rafael or the‘ Saint Jerome ’by Leonardo da Vinci.

Louvre Museum
East parisian museum offers works such as ‘La Gioconda’ or ‘Venus de Milo’. The Louvre in Paris is the museum most visited in the world with more than eight million people a year who contemplate their more than 300,000 works of art.

British museum

It is the museum that keeps the most antiques of the world, however it does not offer virtual visits but it does give us the possibility of enjoying high quality images of the almost 4,000 pieces.

Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg

It is the most important museum in Russia and one of the largest in the world with about three million pieces of art. Thanks to new technologies, the museum incorporates on its website the option of being able to make a virtual visit of all its rooms.

The meadow

It's one of the spanish museums most visited in the world. From its website you can admire in detail each of the 15 most important works such as Las Meninas, The Knight of the Hand on the Chest or The Three Graces.

Virtual Museums with Google Slides (July 2024)

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