The surf museum is in Australia

Fans surf they have their temple in Australia, a country where this water sport has been practiced for many years. Is named Surf world and is located in Torquay (Victoria), on the south coast of the huge country.

There we can find all kinds of surfboards, even some that are from 1919. We can also find a multitude of photographs with the largest waves in the worldBecause the Australian country can boast of being one of the privileged in this regard. If we want to see them in large size, we can go to a Theatre that shows them to us on a large scale, as if they were going to engulf us.

One of the most successful rooms is the one that talks about surf history, with stories Y anecdotes very interesting surfs. As if that were not enough, periodically there are exhibitions that complete the offer of this surfer museum. In fact, it has been recognized by the International Surfing Association (International Surf Association) as one of the most important surfing heritage.

You can hire group visits with a price of $ 7 per head (with discounts for children, pensioners ...). The visit lasts approximately 1 hour. More information in

Australian National Surfing Musuem (April 2021)

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