The theme park inspired by Pandora, the world of Avatar

Do you want the second part of "Avatar? Well, we recommend that you have patience, since the sequel to the highest grossing film in history will take time to premiere, since the director, James Cameron, is filming "Avatar 2", "3", "4" and "5 ”At the same time, which is undoubtedly an epic project. Meanwhile, yes, you can enjoy a recreation of the world of Pandora, where most of the plot takes place.

Disney just opened Pandora - The World of Avatar in Orlando, Florida (United States), a theme park that has 48,600 square meters of extension. It is the largest addition in the history of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a park located at Walt Disney World Resort. Would you like to discover more details about this place that will delight “Avatar” lovers? Well join us!

100 years after the movie

Those who are lucky enough to visit Pandora - The World of Avatar will do so as if it were a tourist excursion led by Alpha Centauri Expeditions. The idea is that the guides explain to the “tourists” the history of the park that, curiously, takes place 100 years after the film, whose action takes place in the year 2154. As explained by the main director of the project, Tim Warzecha, it is neither a prequel nor a sequel, but of "a more autonomous experience".


Incredible experiences

As they explain from Disney, this new theme park will transport visitors to the Pandora moon, where they can explore floating mountains and bioluminescent rain forests. Of course, they will also be able to enjoy incredible experiences, such as navigating a mystical river to meet a Na’vi shaman on the Na’vi River Journey. The figure of the Shaman of Songs, three meters tall, he sends messages of goodwill to humans through his song.

Pandora's own sound

Of course, just walking through this world created by Disney is already worth it. And it is that visitors can hear the sound of Pandora, which resembles birdsong, discover rare animals, contemplate rains fluorescent super relaxing, and enjoy a green nature in which there is no lack of gigantic flowers, huge trees and waterfalls, in addition to the aforementioned floating mountains of the Mo’ara Valley, which are inspired by China's Zhangjiajie National Park.


Fly on the back of a banshee

Undoubtedly, the best thing about this theme park is that it allows you to fly over Pandora on the back of a banshee. You can do it in the Avatar Flight of Passage, a virtual reality attraction that recalls the initiation journey of Jack Sully. Of course, you will pass to all speed through the floating mountains and through stone arches.

Discover the Na’vi culture

To make matters worse, visitors will also be able to enjoy the Na’vi culture through the gastronomy, sampling the cuisine of Satu’li Canteen, a restaurant serving healthy dishes with whole grains, fresh vegetables, and hearty protein. In addition, they can buy products in Windtraders.


After six years of waiting

It took the company six years and nearly a billion dollars to open this amazing park that Cameron defined as "a dream that came true." Apparently, they postponed the opening several times for different reasons, including discrepancies with the director. Of course, according to all those who have had the opportunity to visit it, the result has been worth it. Then we leave you with our Gallery, where you will find more images of Pandora - The Worl of Avatar. Do not miss it!

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