4 things you can't miss in Marrakech

We move up to Marrakesh, one of the most important cities in Morocco where you will find many things to see. We offer you a small guide with those essential places You cannot miss it when you visit this place, which has the largest traditional market in the country and one of the busiest squares on the African continent and perhaps the whole world ...

1. The Jamaa el Fna square

This is the square I was referring to at the beginning. Its about nerve center of Marrakech, a place where thousands of people congregate, including visitors, acrobats, storytellers, teachers who expose their wisdom to the public, snake charmers, street vendors ... People from all walks of life who offer what they have or know how to do. You will also find food stalls.

2. The souk of Marrakech

The souk of Marrakech becomes a must visit by tourists to do purchases of typical products of the country. Streets littered with stalls form a maze in which Moroccans also do their daily shopping. It runs from the north of the Jamaa el Fna square, occupying dozens of streets, and here it is possible to buy food, clothing, crafts ... in stalls that are grouped by guilds.


3. Koutoubia Mosque

It is the most important mosque in the city and at the time, when it was built, it was built around the world. It is a place of worship for the Islamic religion that was raised in the 12th century as a representation of Almohad art. It is located southwest of the Jamaa el Fna square and is the tallest building in Marrakech.

4. Majorelle Garden

It was created in 1924 and you can find Exotic plants, water sources and lots of spectacular corners. It was bought in 1980 by designer Yves Saint-Laurent, who restored it and incorporated more plant species.

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