What to see in Trujillo (Peru)?

We are going to one of the countries in South America with the most beautiful places to discover. Peru treasures wonderful landscapes and cities where you can experience unique moments on your next trip. Today I want to focus on the city of Trujillo, the third largest in the country and where it is possible to enjoy fascinating places and spaces. Do you want to know which ones? We tell you some of the most important ones below.

Plaza Mayor of Trujillo

It is located in the center of the city and in it we see the Freedom monument, a marble sculpture by Edmundo Muller.

The Huacas of the Sun and the Moon

It's about a archaeological complex located about five kilometers south of Trujillo. This place was the capital of the Moche culture from the 1st century BC. C. until the 9th century. There are several theories about the buildings that were there at that time, although the most widespread and ingrained is that one building was dedicated to politics, another to religion and at its feet a city of middle or upper class stood.


Trujillo Cathedral

It was built between the years 1647 and 1666 and is in the Baroque style. In 1967 it was included in the category of "Minor Basilica" by Pope John Paul II. In 1970 it suffered the effects of an earthquake, which knocked down the bell tower and the dome and whose fall also caused the destruction of the main altarpiece. Its structure was rehabilitated two decades later. Inside you can find rococo and other baroque altarpieces in white with gold. The main altarpiece stands out, as it is not supported on any of the walls. In the cathedral there is also the Cathedral Museum.

Iturregui Palace

It was built in the 19th century as a manifestation of the neoclassical civil architecture. It highlights the Italian marble statues, the bars of its windows and the columns. It is a replica of a Florentine Renaissance Palace.

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