The 10 most beautiful streets in the world

When we set out to travel the world, we first think about continents, then we stop at countries, and finally we focus on the cities that may interest us the most. The lack of time and budget means that we have to limit our trips to the maximum, so it is logical to search the Internet with the aim of collecting information about cities.

In today's article we want to go one step further to recommend you streets that will leave you with your mouth open. They are, IMHO, the 10 most beautiful in the world, although I am convinced that I will have left more than one out of pure ignorance. That is why I encourage you to leave a comment indicating what you think should be in this post.

Royal Mile (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Edinburgh's most important street is in the heart of the old town. It is almost two kilometers long (one Scottish mile, which is 1,814.2 km) and takes you to the capital's Castle. There are those who dare to say that Princes Street, from the New Town, is prettier than the Royal Mile, but they are a minority for obvious reasons. The charm of this street is difficult to match.

Washington Street (New York, United States)

If you are looking for the most authentic side of New York, you should not only visit the Empire State or the Statue of Liberty. You should also go to places like Washington Street, a street with brick buildings seen in the middle Brooklyn. It reflects the most authentic side of the industrial style that has spread throughout the world, and it is also appreciated that it is not full of skyscrapers as is usual in the rest of the streets of the Big Apple.

Larios (Malaga, Spain)

Neither Barcelona nor Madrid. The most beautiful street in Spain is in Malaga. It is one of the arteries of the city and walking through it is a must. In fact, it is something that we proposed to you when we wrote the article on what to see in Malaga in one day. What characterizes it, and incidentally gives it a special charm, are the awnings that cover the street so that it is possible to withstand the summer heat. At Christmas, of course, it becomes a sight to behold thanks to the lights that dress it from the beginning to the end.

Brouwersgracht (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Amsterdam could not be left out of a list like this. Surely you were already thinking about its most famous street when you accessed this article. It is called Brouwersgracht, which is the canal, but it is so named because in those parts they do not distinguish between the canal and the street. Its buildings are what make it a street worth photographing. Formerly they were breweries (the name of the street means «brewers channel«) And today they are buildings where people live who have the privilege of being part of one of the cities with the cleanest air in the world, something that is due to the use of the bicycle as the main means of transportation.

Rua Augusta (Lisbon, Portugal)

Lisbon, a beautiful city like few others, you have streets with a lot of magic. One of them is Rua Augusta, a commercial promenade in which you walk very comfortably thanks to its spaciousness. Also, you can go under his Arc de Triomphe after seeing a trolley car crossing the street a very short distance.

Rozenhoedkaai (Bruges, Belgium)

In Bruges, where you must always carry your camera well prepared, you can see beauties of the Rozenhoedkaai caliber, which is undoubtedly the most photographed place in the city for the views it offers. It must also be said that everything started here, since the vikings They decided to found it in the 9th century, taking as a starting point an area they named "Brygga", which means port, shelter or refuge.

Via Margutta (Rome, Italy)

The fantastic Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini lived on this iconic street. It is not one of the best known in the city because it is rather small, but it is irresistible for those who put their heads up to see what is there. It is near the Piazza di Spagna and it's where Gregory Peck and Hepburn rested in the movie Vacation in Rome: Via Margutta. They didn't choose a bad place, of course.

Rue Petit Champlain (Quebec, Canada)

Be very careful with this street because it is the oldest commercial street in North America. Its stairs, known as Breakneck Steps due to the problems caused by slipping in winter, are part of the appeal of a narrow street that stands out for its architecture. Nouvelle France style Its buildings are soaked with, so you feel like in Normandy a few centuries ago. As you can imagine, it is at Christmas when this street looks the most.

The Blue street (Chefchaouen, Morocco)

It is not a specific street, it is all the streets of Chefchaouen, which is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Morocco. The floors are white, but the buildings are blue (including doors and windows). Why? For there are those who say that it is the color that the Jews used to avoid using the green of islamBut there are also those who support the theory that it is a color with which flies are driven away. Be that as it may, it is an experience worth living in first person.

Neal’s Yard (London, England)

England, and more specifically London, is a place full of streets with a lot of magic. The most prominent in the capital is perhaps Neal’s Yard, which is a surprise box located in Convent Garden, between Shorts Gardens and Monmouth Street. There are striking colors on the facades of the buildings, a herbalism with a long history, a vegetarian restaurant where they serve delicious dishes ... In short, a picturesque street where there is space for the alternative.

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