Thailand is not as cheap as they say

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Yes, a rewarding foot massage for one hour for between 3 and 5 euros is fine. That nobody can deny it. However, in Thailand Many more services are offered than massages and many more products are sold than bottles of mineral water that cost about 25 cents.

What for some years has been a tourist destination Very attractive to Europeans, Chinese, Australians and Americans, little by little it is becoming a destination that requires you to checkout like in other places on the planet. I don't mean to say that it costs you the same as spending the summer in Germany, Canada or New Zealand, but I want to break the myth that Thailand is so cheap after spending a couple of weeks in those parts.


At lunchtime you may save a few euros. In a medium quality restaurant You will eat cheaper than in Spain, of course. And of course, if you go for one of the thousands of stands on the streets you will still save more money. But of course, there you are already playing a good stomach ache, because the water they use is not bottled and the hygienic measures are obvious that they are not the best.

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Tourist areas and souvenirs

If you go on a trip to Thailand, it is very likely that you move through the typical areas that cover all guiris of the world. That means that the prices you are going to find are intended for outsiders, not for those who live there. The souvenirsAlthough your friends and family think otherwise, they will not give them to you. In any case you will get a good price if you are good at it bargain and you don't mind missing opportunities. Think that the same souvenirs They sell them in 40 different stores at prices that can vary a lot.

Taxis or tuk-tuk

Another thing that is not cheap is the cab. More than anything because sometimes they do not want to put the meter and it costs you much more than it would cost if it were set. In Bangkok and Chiang Mai you will not find it excessively complicated to find a taxi with a meter in different areas and at what times. However, in other areas of the country, such as PhuketYou are condemned to negotiate prices that are normally very high, so much so that you will think that you are taking a taxi from Barcelona or Madrid. It will always happen to you if you are staying in a category hotel. The other option is tuk-tuk, which are just as expensive or more than taxis and force you to risk your life on each trip. Its owners always negotiate, there really is no meter that is worth it. So I consider going tuk-tuk once it is very good to live the experience and take a couple or three of photos, but not more.



What is cheap is the price of the Hotels. For 70 euros a night you can find a five-star hotel with everything you need, something unthinkable in Europe in months like June, July or August. If you add that, subtract taxis and move through restaurants that are neither very expensive nor very cheap, you can say that Thailand has been well priced. All right, nothing to go two weeks on vacation with 600 euros and be like a king.


In closing, say that the entrance to most temples is free. The most expensive of all is the Grand Palace in Bangkok, which runs for 500 baht per person, which is about 13 euros at the current exchange rate. That is an advantage over tourism in other countries. For example, if you go to Scotland and make a route through its castles, you can already prepare your wallet. Access to most will cost you more than 10 euros and there are not exactly few.

Is Thailand Still A Cheap Holiday Destination? (May 2023)

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