The most beautiful town in Austria

The most beautiful town in Austria
Some natural landscapes are of such extraordinary beauty that it is incredible that these places really exist. The Austrian people we present to you today are the perfect example of this.

Much more than a charming and traditional Austrian villageHallstatt is an idyllic dream postcard. Do you want to know this Austrian wonder? Well get comfortable and enjoy the trip.

In the heart of Austrian nature

Hallstatt seems the scene of some fairy tale, but nothing is further from reality, because this magical town is located in the heart of Austrian nature, specifically in the mountainous district of Salzkammergut and near the lake Hallstätter See.

The most beautiful town in Austria

Its excellent location presents travelers with an absolutely unmistakable landscape that you will only find here. A town on the lake shore, where traditional houses and unmistakable Austrian architecture are reflected. And as a dreamy finishing touch, a frame of mountains surround the town of Hallstatt and color the landscape green.

But leaving aside its magnificent nature and its scenic beauty, Hallstatt also offers travelers a very traditional architecture, which is a true reflection of the history and culture of this country.

The most beautiful town in Austria

Some must see

The Salt Mine, Salzwelten Hallstatt, which is said to be the oldest in the world; the Main Square (Markplatz) with its flower-covered facades; the Catholic Parish Church (Pfarrkirche); the Neo-Gothic Protestant Church of 1863; Y archaeological excavations of the call the "Hallstatt Epoch" (1300-400 BC).

The most beautiful town in Austria

And as a final culmination for a dream visit, do not forget to go up to the Rudolf Tower, from where you can contemplate the incredible view of the town. And if you still have time, go to the Waldbachstrub Falls, which are an impressive 90-meter waterfall. A place where, by the way, many local legends are told.

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