The most beautiful lake in Australia

The most beautiful lake in Australia
If you are passionate about the most surprising and implausible natural settings, Lake Hillier in Australia will leave you breathless. It must be a magic thing or a science fiction movie, but this lake seems from another world.

We all know that water has no color and that the characteristic blue of our oceans is due to a scientific phenomenon that is responsible for the human eye perceiving blue water. And I guess that's why it's even more amazing to admire the beauty of Lake Hillier. Because who expects to find a pink lake?

A lake that is a mystery

For tourists in love with the most incredible natural landscapes, Lake Hillier is a must-see. However, this pink Australian lake is not unique in the world as it Senegal's Retba Lake also it has this hue. In this case, the explanation for this color is found in a bacteria that stains the water pink.

The most beautiful lake in Australia

But what about Lake Hillier in Australia? Since its discovery more than 200 years ago by the Flinders expedition, experts have yet to find an explanation.

On the Middle Island of Western Australia

And where is this magical lake hidden? To be able to see the beauty of Lake Hillier in first person, you will have to go up to the highest peak on Middle Island, the largest in the La Recherche archipelago in Western Australia. This extraordinary and unexpected natural space is hidden here.

The most beautiful lake in Australia

A must see on our list of trips and places to discover. Do you sign up for adventure? Well, don't forget the camera at home, because a pink lake awaits you that will leave you speechless.

Yet another example of the beauty and grandeur of Mother Nature.

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