A shark attack recorded in the first person

shark attack
Are you passionate about the sea and scuba diving? Well, maybe you want to go back into the depths of the ocean after watching the video we have prepared for today, because it makes your hair stand on end.

The protagonist of the images that you will see at the end is Jason Dimitri (at least that's how he calls himself on his YouTube channel), a diver who was swimming next to a reef near the Cayman Islands, in the Caribbean, and who had the objective of hunting a lionfish, a territorial species and solitary, whose poison is a serious enemy for some species. What was not expected was that he was going to have to deal with a shark.

Defending himself with a small harpoon

Dimitri, who had a GoPro camera on him, recorded in first person the precise moment when a shark attacked him. The diver was able fend with a small harpoon, although the persistent animal was about to capture it. Luckily, he was able to survive to tell the tale.

shark attack1

One million visits in three days

The video recorded by Dimitri exceeded one million views in three days. Of course, as in the video you see how hunting a fish, wanted to clarify why it does it:

I want to let me hunt lionfish to help protect the reef from the destruction they cause. The shark was acting in its natural environment. I have nothing against it, and I will return to the water to continue protecting the reef for future generations.

shark attack2

GoPro cameras

It is clear that GoPro cameras, created in 2002 by Nick woodman, have been very successful. Just a few months ago, its creator sold a small part of the company to the Chinese manufacturer Foxconn for $ 200 million. In fact, his fortune is estimated at 1,500 million.

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