The most famous ferris wheels in the world

You know what was the first noria giant of the world? The one in Chicago, built during the Universal Exposition of 1893 and designed by the engineer George Washington Gale Ferris. The attraction became so fashionable that ferris wheels began to be built all over the planet.

Ferris wheels are still being built all over the world today. The most ambitious plans have them Dubai, that if everything continues as planned, in 2014 it will have the tallest Ferris wheel in the world: a prodigy 210 meters high. While they are finished we can enjoy some of the most famous Ferris wheels in the world so far.


Although the Chicago Ferris wheel that we told you about disappeared in 1906, today you can enjoy its replica, which allows incredible views of Lake Michigan.


In Singapore is the tallest Ferris wheel so far, with 165 meters of observatory. It has 28 air-conditioned capsules that accommodate 28 passengers. And is that each cabin is the size of a bus urban. In addition, cocktails and champagne are offered and, of course, it has a bathroom.


Of course, the London Ferris wheel, known as London eye. Every year 3 and a half million people enjoy it.

Santa Monica, Los Angeles

In Santa Monica you will find the most ecological Ferris wheel. This works with solar energy and, although it is not one of the highest, some views over the incredible ocean. In addition, the Ferris wheel has more than 160,000 light bulbs that color the Pacific sunsets.


Finally we want to talk about the Ferris wheel in Paris, which has been in England, Bangkok, Amsterdam and Belgium before. And is that thanks to its unique design you can mount in 72 hours and dismantle in 60.

9 of the most famous Ferris wheels in the world - GN Guides (September 2021)

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