What to see in Bremen, Germany

Bremen It is a German city that is in the state of the same name and that has about 600,000 inhabitants, although with those of the entire urban area it reaches almost a million. It is divided into five districts, which in turn give rise to 21 neighborhoodsSo there is a lot to see and of different styles. It borders on all sides with Lower Saxony, and is crossed by the Weser River.

It is a city where you will not find good temperatures practically at any time of the year, since in winter the zeros are around degrees with many snowfalls, while in summer it is difficult to exceed 20ºC. Bremen is totally focused on the industrial one, and its port is one of the commercial ports most important in the whole country, specifically the second.

Places of interest

You can not stop wandering around the city, especially in the historic center. In practically any corner of any neighborhood you will find a very interesting building or monument, so you can spend at least 3 days seeing a lot of things that time will take. Among the essential visits are the Bremen Cathedral, the statue of Rolando, the statue of the trotamusicians or the port.


If you like shopping, in Bremen you will find a true paradise, especially for modest things or crafts. There's a jumble sale which is spectacular, especially at Christmas, the date on which it becomes one of the most important in the country. Shopping centers, street stalls or stores, in any of these places you will find a wide variety of souvenirs to take away. I recommend you buy a local product and a piece of crafts, they are true wonders.

Bremen, Germany: Exploring The Beautiful Hanseatic City [Travel Guide] (March 2023)

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