El Ávila National Park in Venezuela

The National Parks They are always a great tourist attraction for any place since being able to enjoy a spectacular natural environment is something that practically everyone likes. In them you can find protected areas that stand out for their beauty and for not having buildings, thus allowing Nature to take care of shaping each place.

One of the most attractive there is in the world is the El Ávila National Park, which is in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital and a great destination to enjoy a few days of vacation. This park is impressive and practically surrounds the city, which gives rise to a unique landscape and with a lot of magic. It was originally called Waraira Repano National Park, but in May of last year it was renamed.

This park is not only in Caracas but also has areas that belong to the state of Miranda and Vargas, leaving a spectacular mountain formation that makes El Ávila the true natural lung of the country. There is an area called Pico El Ávila which is the only one that has any construction since there is a luxury hotel, the Humboldt Hotel, without a doubt a very special place to sleep in the middle of nature but with all the comforts.

El Ávila National Park stretches along a very wooded and mountainous It covers about 80 kilometers in length and about 16 in width, occupying 81,800 hectares. There you will find various ecosystems that are distributed by zones, which makes each zone of the park seem like a different park. The Naiguatá Peak It is the highest thanks to its 2,765 meters above sea level. Among its ecosystems you can find tropófilos forests, submontane forests, cloud forests or xerophytic vegetation.

Its fauna is also very varied, highlighting the mammals that are in its natural habitat, like the rabipelado, bats, cachicamos, foxes, cunaguaros, limpets, squirrels or porcupines. Among its birds, the guacharaca, the cristofue or the turpial stand out. There are also several reptile species, such as snakes, iguanas or chameleons. If you like crustaceans, you will see some freshwater crabs or scorpions.

El Ávila National Park (Waraira Repano), Caracas, Venezuela HD HD (January 2022)

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