Gallocanta Lagoon in Zaragoza

The Gallocanta lagoon It is located at the bottom of a large basin that results from karst corrosion in a polje, and is in the Zaragoza region of Daroca Field. This basin is closed and covers an area of ​​about 53,000 hectares, and the bottom where the lagoon is has an altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level, with a depth that does not reach 3 meters.

It has such beauty that it seems that the lagoon is a perfect sheet of water over the basin, and when there is drought for a long time that sheet disappears almost completely until the water and humidity return. This whole area is divided into 3 areas: the Laguna de Gallocanta, the Lagunazo Grande and a mosaic with small reeds, meadows and lagoons.

This beautiful lagoon is salty and among its vegetation you can find many very valuable and some of them even in danger of extinction, such as Puccinelia Pungens or Lythrum Flexuosum, both plants that adapt perfectly to the very salty environments. The salt gets to concentrate in almost 105 grams / liter, reason why there are no fish since they could not survive in such a salty environment.

As for the fauna, you can get to see more than 200 different species of birds, both wintering and passing or nesting. Those that stand out the most are waterfowl and steppes, such as the Common Crane, of which there are more than 70,000 birds.

In the Gallocanta Lagoon area there are several places of interest to enjoy more of the surroundings, such as the Observatory of the Aguanares, the Cañizar Observatory, the Mirador de Berrueco, the Museo del Hombre, the Laguna de La Zaida or the Laguna de Guialguerrero.

GALLOCANTA ( Aragón ) Una Ruta por la LAGUNA de las GRULLAS (April 2021)

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