What to see in Boston

Boston It is one of the most interesting cities in the United States, perhaps for being one of the oldest and for appearing in numerous series and movies throughout history. It is in the state of Massachusetts, less than two hours by train or car from New York, so it is an ideal place to visit if you are traveling to the Big Apple.

There you can find many places of interest, both in monuments and buildings and even in sports venues (from there are the famous Boston Celtics basketball or the Red Sox baseball). It is a city that stands out for its great cultural and academic offer, as well as for hosting places of great artistic and historical importance.

Boston Museums

Among the most interesting are the Museum of Fine Arts (one of the most important in the city and which has extensive collections from different periods and styles), the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum (on the first floor there is personal and unpublished material from President JFK, in addition to objects from what was his office), State House (you will find the best of classical architecture) or The Mayflower II (a replica of the ship that took the first pilgrims to the country).

Boston landmarks

Of the most outstanding is the Public Library (the first municipal library in the country and that today is still the most important), Symphony Hall (one of the most important concert halls in the whole country and that has several statues) or Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston (the church most important city).

Boston Parks

The Boston Common It is the oldest and the largest thanks to its more than 20 hectares that connect to the most famous streets of the city. Also very interesting is the New England Aquarium (an aquarium where there are penguins, starfish and many varieties of fish), the Franklin Park Zoo (it is free the first Saturday of the month) or the Public Garden (you can take a boat trip on its lagoon).

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