The Isle of Youth in Cuba

The islands are always an ideal option for all those who are mainly looking for vacations to enjoy good weather and spectacular beaches. All over the world there are islands of different characteristics, some larger than others, some more built than others ... but all with one point in common: beaches, beaches and more beaches. In HardHobbitToBreak We have taught you many islands since our birth, and today I would like to show you one more.

It's about the Isle of Youth, which is in Cuba (It is the second largest) and it is one of the favorite destinations of all those who choose the wonderful Caribbean to spend their vacations. It is located in the western part of the country and in it you can find really spectacular beaches with totally crystalline waters, as well as a very picturesque and traditionally Cuban architecture. Among its buildings you can see large columns, many roof tiles and also interior patios, a classic in that country.

In the main beach area there is a port It has a lot of places very visited by all tourists, such as a traditional market, many street stores with all kinds of items and also several fairs with typical handcraft Cuban and from other places. In addition, throughout the island you can practice a lot of activities, many of them related to aquatic life such as diving, snorkeling or taking a canoe or catamaran ride.

Of course very interesting the Cuban gastronomy and also the island's own. There you can find a spectacular mix of diverse gastronomies such as Spanish, African or indigenous. The most typical dishes of the Isle of Youth are rice with vegetables and beans, the Creole ajiaco or the tostones (made with fried green plantain). To drink, nothing like a cool Cuban mojito to enjoy a good leisure time.

Nature: Cuba's Isle of Youth (May 2020)

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