Terra Mítica Theme Park in Benidorm

Terra Mítica It is a theme park that is in the Alicante town of Benidorm, one of the most famous in our country for summer tourism but it has much more to offer than beaches. This park is based on the ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean area and is divided into five thematic zones: Greece, Egypt, Iberia, Rome and the Islands.

It has many attractions in each of its areas, such as the Magnus Colossus (a spectacular wooden roller coaster), Titanide (an inverted roller coaster), The Flight of the Phoenix (a 54-meter free fall), Triton's fury (a splash with two falls at different heights) or Inferno (a vertically rotating roller coaster). All of them are the most famous because they are the most daring and spectacular. Below I tell you in detail each area of ​​the Terra Mítica Theme Park:

Egypt: You arrive at this area crossing an immense portico to enter the world of the pharaohs. Among its attractions are the "Port of Alexandria" (where you will cross the lakes by boat), the "Pyramid of Terror" (tunnel of terror with passageways and secret chambers), "Infinity" (a tower that has a rotating viewpoint) or the "Nile Falls" (an attraction with two falls at 20 and 13 meters high).

Greece: an area to discover the most important gods and legends in Greek history. Among its most outstanding attractions is the "Titanide", which I told you about before, in addition to "The labyrinth of the minotaur" (gondola ride with laser beam pistols to fight various mythological creatures) or the "Temple of Kinetos" ( a motion simulator).

Rome: Here you will find exciting tests to become a legionary. There is the park's most spectacular roller coaster, the "Magnus Colossus", and also "The Flight of the Phoenix". There are several attractions for the little ones, some of them like the older ones but in a children's version.

Iberia: the most characteristic of our country is in this area, with attractions such as "Arietes" (bumper cars "or various children's ones. The" Barbarossa "show is very remarkable.

The islands: the perfect place to live adventures on islands where there were important landings. It has attractions such as the "Rapids of Argos" (a spectacular stream) or "The Rescue of Ulysses" (a journey through various landscapes with various visual and sound effects).

Terra Mítica in HD - A walk through the park (2012) - Magnus Colossus, Titánide, Inferno and more! (October 2022)

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