The 3 best beaches you will see in your life

The world is full of spectacular beaches. In Spain we are lucky to have some of the most beautiful, although it must be recognized that many kilometers away there are paradises that one would like to travel to take an unforgettable swim.

I will talk about three of those paradises below, so take note and open your eyes wide because you are going to see three beaches that you don't see every day.

Grand Anse Beach (La Digue, Seychelles)

That of Grand Anse is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in the world. It is in the Seychelles, specifically on an island called La Digue, and it has everything to make you fall in love. It is about five kilometers long and boasts about crystalline waters that make the bathroom very appetizing. In addition, its fine white sand is a delight to the touch.

The landscape of this African beach deserves a photographic report thanks to its granite rocks, which on the other hand make it easily recognizable. Of course, do not look for many shady holes because you will not find them, the same can be said of the bars and restaurants, which are conspicuous by their absence. At Grand Anse Beach one goes to relax, to forget the day-to-day problems in one of the most paradisiacal beaches that have ever been seen.

Grace Bay (Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands)

Grace bay
You have to go to the Caribbean Sea to enjoy the beauty of Grace Bay, which is in the Provicenciales, which is an island that belongs to the Turks and Caicos Islands. It has an extension of 98 square kilometers and this beach is without a doubt its most tourist point. The white of its sand, the blue of its waters and the uniqueness of its coral reef makes it a must-see place whatever your goal is once there: rest, have fun in the water, dive ...

Despite the relaxed atmosphere, it must be said that in Grace Bay there are several luxury complexes, bars, restaurants and even a casino, so it is a lively area where it is difficult to get bored.

Cabbage Beach (Paradise Island, Bahamas)

We do not move from the Caribbean Sea, but we move a few kilometers to the northwest to visit Cabbage Beach, which is the most beautiful beach in the Bahamas for obvious reasons. It is on Paradise Island, which is very easy to access from the Port of Nassau, which is the capital of the Caribbean country.

The Atlantis Paradise Island Resort It is privileged to have been built a few meters from this beach with turquoise waters that draws a long walk. In high season it is common to see many people, since there are not a few boats that approach the shore to drop off dozens of tourists who hallucinate as soon as they set foot in the sand. Of course, you have to do everything possible to get away from the central area, since the street vendors become quite tiresome. Ideally, place yourself at one end, where there is a little more tranquility.

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