The wonderful Lake Cresta in Switzerland

If you are a nature lover Today I bring you a destination that you will surely love as it gives off spectacular magic, at least through various photographs and videos that I have seen. Its about Cresta Lake, a fascinating natural environment in the Grisons region, in the interior of Switzerland. It is one of the natural areas with the greatest tourist presence in that area of ​​the country and encompasses three towns where you can carry out all kinds of activities that have to do with nature.

Cresta Lake, the most important part of all this environment, is one of the most recommended places to visit, especially in the summer season since it is transformed into a spectacular natural pool where you can bathe and at the same time enjoy a spectacular scenery surrounded by mountains and forests. In the surroundings you have a large number of trails, mountains and paths where you can practice cycling, hiking or do some horse riding.

It must be said that the lake water is said to be freezing, but I think the experience is worth it as long as the weather is good since not only will you be able to better enjoy the scenery but the waters will not seem so icy when you do a little of heat. That the water is so cold is because it is a lake born from the thaws, so another reason to launch yourself to enjoy it.

If swimming in the lake is not going much, do not worry, since in the surroundings you have many options to enjoy your free time in the middle of nature, such as simply taking a walk or sitting in any corner to enjoy the view. In addition, in the surrounding towns you have leisure options so that your days are more enjoyable and quiet.

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