The most advanced airplane in the world

We all know that technologies They advance by leaps and bounds and all the companies that are dedicated to it strive to offer all kinds of advances and modernities to their clients. That also happens with the sector of the aviation, which is always growing, innovating and improving to achieve great things, such as flying faster or having more comforts.

The last airline to present one of these great advances is the Japanese ANA, which has already presented what is considered the most advanced aircraft in the world and that will start operating on January 21, 2012, although in principle it will only do so to cover the route Frankfurt - Tokyo (and vice versa). The plane is an example of innovation and technological advances and it is the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

It is configured to divide between two classes of travelers, the Economy (for which there will be 112 places) and Business (which will have 46 seats), although extensive amenities are promised for all of them, although it is clear that some with more services than others. This company already has other routes that connect Tokyo with Munich, London and Paris, although at the moment it will only be to Frankfurt where the new jewel flies.

The main characteristics of this Boeing 787 The windows are 47 cm high and 28 cm long, almost 30% more than a window from another plane. The seats will also be much more comfortable than on any other aircraft, the Business seats being fully convertible into sofa bed and those in Economy will be able to recline without disturbing the passengers behind them, something that always happens. In addition, the bathroom is much larger and has up to a bidet so that cleaning after the long trip can be done in the plane itself.

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