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In Switzerland there are a lot of cities and towns that have great beauty and many interesting things to discover. One of these cities is Lucerne, which is also one of the most beautiful in the whole country and is considered the gateway to Central Switzerland.

It is a city where you can see beauties like the lake of lucerne or the Rigi, Pilatus or Stanserhorn mountains, all of them nearby and that make the whole area a spectacular place. Here are some of Lucerne's sights:

- In the old town you can find places like a beautiful medieval chapel that is the centerpiece of that area or the Museggmauer, which is a wall that has kept one of its towers intact since the 15th century.

- Between the Lots of churches The Jesuit Church stands out, which was built in the 17th century and is the first Baroque religious building in the entire country. It has a figure of a dying lion that was carved out of rock in memory of the Swiss guards who died heroically and which is one of the most famous Swiss monuments.

- The Chapel Bridge It is one of the oldest wooden bridges in all of Europe and is a landmark in Lucerne. They restored it a few years ago since it was almost totally destroyed in a fire.

- The Swiss Museum of Transport It is one of the most varied in Europe in terms of transport and communication and is the Swiss museum that receives the most visitors. It has a movie theater and everything.

- Lucerne is also a strategic place to be able to do a lot of excursions to various interesting points in the central part of the country, such as going to the mountains that I told you about at the beginning or taking a steam cruise on the lake.

- Another very interesting option is to take the Wilhelm Tell Express, a ferry that takes you across Lake Lucerne and then continues on the railroad track. It is a unique experience.

Lucerne Switzerland Travel Guide (June 2023)

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