What to visit near New York

It is clear that one of the trips that everyone wants to do the most is go to new york to discover what is considered the favorite city in the world and probably the most spectacular. Since you are traveling there, I think it is worth adding two or three days to your trip to be able to see many cities or places of interest that are nearby and worthwhile, such as Washington, Philadelphia or Boston.

The best thing is that you stop by one of the city's train stations or through its web pages to check the number of places you can travel to in a very short time to get to know the most interesting things in other cities in a single day, Since you can leave early in the morning and return at night, so you do not need to change hotels, something that is always a bit uncomfortable. Below I offer you places that you can visit near New York:

Boston: The capital of the state of Massachusetts is very close to you, just under 3 hours by train and about 4 hours if you prefer to go by bus. If you are going to make a round trip in the day, it is recommended that you take an organized excursion such as «The freedom trail», which takes you through the most important historical places in the city and lasts just under 4 hours. You can also visit areas such as Chinatown, the spectacular Boston Public Garden, the Quincy Market or the Museum of Fine Arts.

Washington D.C.: Getting to the capital of the United States will take you about three hours by train and less than 5 hours by bus. There you can see historical places such as the White House, the Capitol, the Supreme Court or the monuments that are scattered around the city in tribute to the most important presidents that there have been in the country. It is also highly recommended to visit Logan Circle, a historic neighborhood that has beautiful houses. It is a very big city but the metro line is fantastic so you can move from one place to another very quickly and comfortably.

- Other cities that are also very close to you and are very interesting are Atlantic City, Philadelphia or Princeton, all of them less than an hour and a half by train and they have many things to do.

Islands: Around Manhattan there are a lot of islands worth visiting, such as the famous long Island (the largest and with a lot of celebrities in summer) or Coney island (which has some of the most beautiful beaches in New York State).

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