Transatlantic cruises

The cruise ships I have always found them a fantastic option to get to know many places in a short time and not end up with unbearable stress, because even if you visit a different city or country every day you will be traveling comfortably in a small city that navigates to take you from one place to another.

Among all the cruises out there I would stay with the ocean linersThey are the ones that, as their name suggests, cross the Atlantic. All companies have at least a couple of ships destined for these types of cruises, which are given very few times a year, so you have to take advantage of them when they leave to be able to do one.

For example, several companies have one from Barcelona or Malaga It reaches the United States, ideal if you do not like long plane trips since you will enjoy a cruise while crossing the pond. They usually reach Miami or Fort Lauderdale (both in Florida) or New Orleans. They usually last about two weeks and stop at various places such as France, Cartagena, Malaga, Cádiz or the Canary Islands before reaching their destination. The last week of travel is all sailing since it is what it takes to get from the Canary Islands to the United States.

Fully prepared for long trips, there are spectacular boats with lots of shops, bars, restaurants, discos, casinos, gym, swimming pools, spa and even some of them have a running track to keep you in shape. In addition, there is also plenty of on-board entertainment for all ages with various shows, cinemas and even a infants club where the little ones can be enjoying the whole day and making new friends while the parents relax and rest.

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