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Geneva It is one of the most beautiful European cities and there are more than 200 headquarters of international organizations. Known as the city of banks and clocks, it is on the banks of the Lake Leman and in it you can find many beautiful monuments and places of great interest. In the month of December the Climbing Festival, the most important in the city and commemorating the defeat of the Duke of Savoy when he tried to take over the city, all its inhabitants taking to the streets dressed in period clothing.

To the left of the lake you find the Cathedral of Saint Peter and the Bourg-de-Four square, located in the old town and where you can stroll and see other places such as the Museum of Art and History, the Casa Tavel or the beautiful Promenade des Bastions park. All that part that is to the left of the lake is the most touristy and where the points of interest are located, and in the part that is to the right almost everything is hotels and restaurants.

You can do several Lake Leman cruises, whether it is an hour, a whole day, night or gastronomic, for me the most recommended since you can enjoy a wonderful dinner sailing on the lake and with the entire city in sight. You can choose tickets in first class or tourist and they make discounts for groups from 10 people, the truth is that it is worth it because the tour is beautiful.

Finally, I recommend you sit on a terrace in the Bourg-de-Four square to enjoy a little while having a drink. Furthermore, in the Grand Rue street Not only will you find one of its best preserved old streets, but you will also see the place where Jean Jacques Rousseau, a famous writer and musician from the early 18th century, was born.

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