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How many times a series or a movie where Las Vegas came out? Have you ever dreamed of winning big bucks in the lottery to be able to go to las vegas and squander a lot of money in their legendary casinos? Wouldn't you also want to marry "Elvis and Marilyn"? Las Vegas It is, without a doubt, the city of gambling, of casinos, of money and of all value, and that is because its famous phrase already says it: "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas".

It is a city that is in the Nevada state, in eastern California, so if you go several days you can stop by on the way to Los Angeles, one of the routes that tourists do the most. If you go to visit las vegas, you will be one of the 40 million people who do it every year since, since it has grown, it has become a city that has offers for almost all tastes and you can see spectacular shops, golf courses, spas and all the activities you can imagine, although it is clear that the game and luxury are its biggest claim.

Las Vegas is one of the few places in the world where you can find an international artist giving a concert for only 200 people and having it within half a meter, something that usually happens in many casinos. But it is clear that the first thing that strikes you when visiting Las Vegas is its impressive luxury hotels with employees who will surrender at your feet, yes, with the aim of making you spend every last penny in their casinos.

But do not think that only the wealthy can go to Las Vegas, you can spend hours in their casinos with just a couple of euros living the spectacular environment that surrounds you and who knows ?, maybe with 25 cents you put in a slot machine you touch the million! The las vegas strip (on the outskirts of the city) it is the nerve center of marching, luxury and shops and measures almost 8 kilometers. You will know it well as it is one of the most photographed and filmed avenues in the world. 18 out of 25 most luxurious hotels in the world They are on the Las Vegas strip, although they also have cheap hostels, which in these times is very important to have them. A city luxury that really is for all budgets.

Las Vegas Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Las Vegas (July 2024)

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