Ecuador returns VAT to foreign tourists

There are countries that, in times of crisis, take tourism very seriously and choose to take measures that help them generate more income in this sector. This is the case of Ecuador, which has decided that from now on they will return VAT to all foreign tourists visiting the country, something that will undoubtedly make visits to any Ecuadorian city increase since at the end of the trip your holidays will have been cheaper. The percentage is 12%, something that is not bad, and it can be recovered from this same month of January in any good or service you use in that country.

It is important that you know that in this "business" for tourists accommodation bills and any purchase are included (clothing, footwear, jewelry ...), as long as the minimum amount of the invoice is 50 dollars, something that you are sure to spend very easily when you are on vacation. To obtain the refund of the corresponding amount, two mailboxes have been enabled in the airports of Quito and Guayaquil so that before leaving the country you can present your application, always accompanied by a photocopy of the passport and the invoices to be able to demonstrate the expense.

This measure may not be very effective if you like to buy in flea markets and these types of places, but it is for accommodation, although keep in mind that for it to be effective you must pay the hotel right there and not from Spain, as it would count as contracting from abroad. In Spain there are this type of measures in the Canary Islands, where the residents of the islands who travel to the rest of the country can obtain the refund of VAT on purchases and services they have made or contracted and that IGIC is paid on the islands, a tax of a lower percentage than in the rest of Spain .

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