The poorest countries in the world

Central African Republic
The 10 poorest countries in the world are Africans. In fact, three quarters of the 48 least developed are on that continent. The problem is still not solved because there are no financial resources and the birth rates are very high. That causes many children to die of hungry or by diseases that they rarely make an appearance in a developed country such as Spain.

The Un (United Nations Organization) has compiled the list taking into account a series of variables that are essential when quantifying a country's wealth. I mean GDP (Gross Domestic Product), GDP per capita, life expectancy, the percentage of the population living below the poverty line, CO2 emissions per capita, the percentage of the population enrolled in education primary and the total population of the country.

1- Central African Republic

It is in the heart of Africa and represents how bad millions of people are having it. One in four inhabitants have had to leave the country because of the war, and worst of all, there are children who have been forced to work as if they were soldiers and have become sex slaves.

2- Burundi

Bujumbura, the country's capital, attended an attempted coup d'état to end the mandate of Pierre Nkurunziza, who is now enjoying his third term. Street protests continue unabated and more than 300,000 people cannot live without humanitarian aid. The situation is unsustainable and it is likely to become the poorest country in the world in the coming years if things do not change.


3- Democratic Republic of the Congo

It is surprising that in a country like the Democratic Republic of the Congo almost half a million refugees. It is a very poor country economically, but not on a human level. They are living in a humanitarian emergency situation.

4- Liberia

Thousands of refugees from South Sudan have traveled to Liberia to take refuge in one of the refugee camps they have set up to help those fleeing the war. Hope is called George Weah, former Milan soccer player who has become the new president of Liberia. Of course, it will have a lot of work ahead, since it will govern in a country without infrastructure that has not yet recovered from the civil wars that have been lived there. Also, we must not forget that it is one of the territories where Ebola has done the most damage.

5- Niger

Although there are not a few Nigerians who decide to cross the border to live in Niger, the truth is that the fifth poorest country on the planet is not a very safe place to live. The mafias they profit from it migrant smuggling of people who decide to leave that country behind to have a chance in Europe. That is why Italy, which is where most of the Nigerians who emigrate, disembark, has pledged to deploy a military mission to end this serious problem that adds to that of poverty.


6- Malawi

More than half of Malawi's population lives below the poverty line. Millions of people try to survive with less than 35 euros a month, an amount with which they cannot even feed. That is why it is not difficult to photograph malnourished children who are victims of the corruption that plagues the country. If we add to this that the country's currency has been devalued by increasing the cost of living, it is normal that it is the sixth poorest country in the world.

7- Mozambique

The lack of funding it threatens the food supply and cholera epidemics exacerbate the situation. In the last two years, there have been two epidemics that have killed thousands of people. Despite this, hundreds of refugees choose Mozambique to escape the war.


8- Equatorial Guinea

In the old Spanish colony, where some 700,000 inhabitants live, the Poverty rate is above 75%. However, that hasn't stopped veteran Theodore Obiang from getting richer. The country's president, a military man by profession who participated in the coup d'état of August 3, 1979, continues to campaign at ease thanks to the maintenance of his dictatorship.

9- Eritrea

Every year, thousands of people from Somalia, Djibouti and Ethiopia flee these countries to live in the other country that is part of the so-called Horn of africa: Eritrea. Well, no one knows why, since their quality of life does not usually improve. The poverty rate is 69%.


10- Guinea-Bissau

Although the extreme poverty of Africa has moved from the Atlantic coast to the center of the continent, the truth is that there are still countries like Guinea-Bissau that do not seem to see their situation improved. Growth plans are lacking and expectations are not very optimistic.

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This is The Poorest Country in the World (February 2023)

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