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Bahrain It is a country potentially thought for an impressive vacation. Almost always you can plan a lot of activities due to its excellent climate, although the heat in summer is excessive. If you like the atmosphere of a big city, but you also want to have the opportunity to get away to areas aridWith kilometers of potentially empty coastline, Bahrain is your ideal destination.

Discover the Manama Walking Tour. Although the name may sound more from Asia than from Arabia, the places to be seen here are incredible, especially if you want to know its history live. Although New York City seems to be present, there are plenty of corners that will show you the past historical of the area. The area is very modern, but the streets will allow you not to forget the old place where you are.

The highest point of this island Flat is only 122 meters, so forget about climbing mountains or things like that. Bahrain is an archipelago, which means it has other islands nearby to explore on foot. You can cover a total of 160 kilometers of coast that is waiting to be explored. The southern part of the island is less developed, and the aridity of the landscape will make you have to wear good hiking boots.

One of the best ways to get around the area is by bike. If you can, it is highly recommended that you take your own bike, since they usually rent them for days or weeks per week at a fairly high price.

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