Exploration cruises

The idea of ​​doing a cruise we always relate it to summer, heat, sun and beach. We imagine a vacation full of relaxation, leisure and culture on board a ship. But this preconceived idea that we have must change because although the good weather does not accompany us, we can also make a full cruise winter.

These cruises, which have nothing to do for example with a cruise through the Greek Islands or the Mediterranean, are known by the name of exploration cruises. They consist of a cruise ship trip but specially prepared for explore certain parts of the planet. Do not expect a relaxing trip, since it will not be.

These types of cruises are both a adventure travel, an environmental discovery. It offers you the possibility to discover some of the natural wonders that are scattered around the world. For this you will have specialized guides, conferences, explanations of natural history, etc. You can also enjoy simulations of routes of ancient explorers and whale or dolphin sightings among many other things.

These ships normally host not very large tourist groups. You can find cruises that hold between 40 and 90 passengers, but there will also be others that can reach up to 1,000 passengers. As for the places offeredYou can find exploration cruises to the Norwegian Fjords, Antarctica, the Amazon or the Galapagos Islands. If you are interested in any of these cruises, you should know that the price is higher than a normal cruise since the places to which they move are further away, their duration is usually longer and the boats are specially prepared for these exploration trips.

Cultural Exploration Cruises (September 2021)

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