Customs you should not forget

When you decide to do a travel To another country you must inform yourself of the local customs so as not to screw up and have a problem than another. Here are some tips that can help you avoid friction cultural:

- Temples and shoes
When visiting temples, places of worship and even the houses of people in the East, you should take off your shoes. Make sure you always wear clean socks and toenails in good condition.

- Hand signs
In most of the world, putting your thumbs up means everything is fine, except if you are in Iran, where the thumb is a clear sign of offense, as it literally means "sit on this."

- Cutlery
In the East you will have to learn to use chopsticks. The best thing is that you do not signal with them and not the keys in the food, since this is considered an offense. Also do not hit the plate with them, since that gesture is the one that beggars make to ask for alms and it is not very well seen.

- Don't drink and talk
When traveling to northern Europe, Russia, and the countries of the former Soviet Union, toasts should be taken seriously. In Russia, you should drink vodka in one gulp and in Georgia and Azerbaijan it is rude to speak among the toasts. These toasts can last for hours.

- Give flowers
Be careful with the flowers you give away. Carnations are used for funerals in Germany, Poland, and Sweden. In Belgium, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey are chrysanthemums. In France and Austria, red roses indicate a romantic interest. In Mexico and Chile, yellow roses are a sign of pain and separation. Odd numbers of flowers in China and Indonesia are bad luck, and even numbers are bad luck in India, Turkey, Russia, and Germany.

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