Hainan Island in China

The Chinese government has begun to implement redevelopment plans to convert the southern island of Hainan, in what they have called a "global destination". Different private sectors related to the world of hostelryThey have been quick to join the cause.

New resorts, visa-free entry to tourists from different countries, purchases tax-free for everyone and the possibility of practicing different sports are some of the striking proposals that the government has decided to implement to attract more tourists. What they really want is to turn the island into the «Hawaii from China«.

With their Beaches Virgin, its crystal clear waters and relatively intact forests, the southernmost part of the country, attracts some 19 million visitors from other parts of China and close to a million international tourists annually. The government He commented that thanks to Hainan this figure will be able to grow up to 5 times more. Apart from the initiatives that we told you about earlier, measures are also being considered to relax the restrictions on betting.

Gambling is illegal in China, but they are weighing in on international lotteries. A significant number of luxury resorts have already opened on the island in the past 12 months - 297 - including the Mandarin Oriental room at Playa de Sanya. Some builders are considering the possibility of opening a theme park to rival the one that Disney plans to open in Shanghai in 2014. We will see what happens to this little one. paradise.

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