Costa Rica, the happiest country in the world

Happy Planet Index has recently published the ranking of the happiest countries on earth, and Costa Rica It is at the top of the list. The survey, sponsored by New Economics Foundation, is based on a complex calculation of factors that include environmental policy, happiness and life expectancy. But surely without so much calculation and asking thousands of tourists who come to the country annually, would have drawn that same conclusion more quickly.

If you visit Costa Rica you must make a long visit to the impressive Manuel Antonio National Park, which has one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. On that beach you can see exactly what paradise should be like. There you can start laughing when some of the monkeys Cappuccinos from the area come to where you are and steal some food from you.

You must stay in what they call a "barefoot luxury", the hotel Yes of course that it has all become a treasure ecological. To make your days at the hotel much more fun and happy, do not forget to jump on its large slide and have a drink at the bar that you will find by the pool.

For the fun to continue, do not stop having dinner some night in the restaurant The plane. As you can imagine, the restaurant is located inside an old spy plane (C-130) that will make you feel like you are in an episode of "Lost". The next day you can move to Jaco. It is a two hour drive from San José and is a surfer's paradise.

Why is Costa Rica the Happiest Country in the World (June 2021)

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