The best public toilets in the world

Visitors to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center In Sheboygan, Wisconsin, they are amazed at the creations in contemporary artist Matt Nolen's building. Her designs are impressing with her bold colors and skillful brushstrokes. But what has most impacted visitors, and something that you should not miss and use if you visit the city, are its services public.

The truth is that when you leave travelWhether for work or vacation, baths become a very important part of the trip. Something essential is cleaning, the rest (classic, modern, etc.) will surely be less relevant. In New Zealand You will find other amazing bathrooms. Built in 1997 by architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, this kind of temple with its columns, mosaics and stained glass windows will make you have a good time. The eco-smart building incorporates a real tree, and ceilings decorated with plants.

Others Models You can find around the world are the incredible and modern cylinders that are being placed in some cities such as: Urilift at Cambridge Circus in London, Amsterdam Rembrandtplein, Shaftesbury Square in Belfast, and in other cities throughout Europe. These stainless steel cylinders perform their function perfectly and also incorporate a special system whereby the floor is automatically cleaned every few minutes.

Others Public toilets that you must visit are:

- Charmin Restrooms, Times Square, New York City
- JCDecaux Public Toilets by Patrick Jouin, Paris
- Daimaru Department Store, Tokyo

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