Impressive urban silhouettes

Reaching a city and seeing in the distance a Awesome figure of some of its most emblematic buildings is an image that few travelers will forget. For example, it is no surprise that the horizon of NY always be remembered for the vision of the missing Twin Towers.

In Chicago You can find great architectural monuments and great iconic skyscrapers like the Sears Tower. Although it is not always necessary that these impressive urban silhouettes are skyscrapers. If you have decided to travel to Sidney (Australia) its most impressive building is the Opera House.

But what if you decide to travel to Dubai? The truth is that growth is going so fast that it is difficult to choose an iconic building. But for now we are left with the Burj Al Arab Hotel, the only 7 star hotel in the world. Its construction began in 1999 and its height is 1053 feet.

In Taiwan, more specifically in Taipei, your view will not be able to see the top of the impressive Taipei 101 with a total height of 508 meters.

As to Europe, cities like London and Paris increasingly represent the mix between the old and the new icons that we can find in the big cities of today. Eiffel Tower, the watch Big benThey are great architectural works that always remain in the memory of the traveler.

Urban silhouettes (April 2024)

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