Ryanair will remove all its check-in counters

Ryanair will take one more step forward in their fight to become the company low cost most profitable in history. To achieve this, they have thought that the best would be to delete the Faturation counters at all airports where they are present.

In this way, all your customers will have to buy the ticket for Internet through its website and carry out all the paperwork there online checkin. It is a measure focused solely and exclusively on minimizing operating costs.

At the beginning of 2010 All the procedures will be through the network and during 2009 we will see how the counters of the Irish airline are gradually disappearing. In fact, according to data published by the company, the 75% of their passengers already buy their tickets using this simple procedure a priori.

Billing will be done at 100% by the passenger at home and only in a 20% From the airports we will see someone from Ryanair trying to wire anyone who has not heard very well.

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