Festivals in the world

All the world celebrates situations or actions carried out in the past that can sometimes be quite foreign. In many parts of the world, any excuse is good for a celebration, however strange it may seem. Today we are going to tell you some of those festivals so strange that they exist around the world.

Let's start in Europe, where the cultures are very old and, in particular, in England. Here the Gloucester-Rolling Festival. In this festival, logic defies reason. The participants of this festival enjoy a vertiginous race down a hill rolling a 7.8-pound cheese. The inclination of Cooper’s Hill It is so steep that an ambulance is always located in the lower part to immediately transport the wounded.

We go to another place in the world and we get to Japan. Japan proudly welcomes the Nude Festival, which takes place in the middle of winter. Perhaps as a test of integrity, men wearing only loincloths gather in front of a temple of Naka-Saidaji at midnight, ready to compete for a "year of happiness." It is a fairly aggressive contest-festival where the contestants must face each other and thus avoid frostbite.

South of Philippines, we find the Pulilan Carabao Festival It is a tribute to San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of the place. This celebration in mid-May makes penitents the animals in this case of the water buffalo, known as carabaos. They kneel down in front of the church. These buffaloes are trained throughout the year.

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