Luxembourg, a small but charming country

Luxembourg is a small country in north-western Europe that is part of the European Union. Its capital is, like the name of the country, Luxembourg. It limits with France, Belgium and Germany. It is a constitutional monarchy which is divided into 3 districts: Dikrech, Gréiwemaacher and Lëtzebuerg, which at the same time are divided into 12 cantons (Dikrech, Esch-Uelzecht, Gréiwemaacher, Iechternach, Kapellen, Klierf, Lëtzebuerg, Miersch, Réiden, Réimech, Veland, Réimech, Venech.

Geography and climate

Luxembourg is the seventh smallest country in Europe, number 167 worldwide. The territory is divided into two very different parts in terms of relief: the north with a mountainous massif that reaches 500 meters and the south, with an extensive plain.

As for the climate, it is continental and humid. There is usually a lot of rainfall throughout the year. Winters are fairly cool, while summers are moderately mild.


Luxembourg has a approximate population of 500,000 inhabitants. In the last 3 decades, the population has been increased by more than 100,000 inhabitants. This is due to unremitting immigration. The city has many Portuguese, French, Italian, Belgian, British and Dutch inhabitants, in that order of appearance.

Places of interest you cannot miss

- Palace of the Grand Duke
- Notre Dame Cathedral
- National Museum of Art and History
- Petrusse Casemates
- Luxembourg Casino
- Church of San Juan Bautista
- Museum of Natural History
- viaduct

Other data of interest

Most populous city: Luxembourg
Official languages: Luxembourgish, French and German.
Currency: Euro
Internet domain: .lu
Telephone prefix: +352
Member of: EU, NATO, UN, OECD, OSCE
GDP per capita: It is the country with the highest GDP per capita in the world

Luxembourg A Small but Beautiful country (February 2024)

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