Everything you can't miss in Capri

The Gulf of Naples It is one of the areas of the world that always appear at the top of the rankings of beautiful places to visit. And is not for less. In this part of Italy there are municipalities as beautiful as Amalfi, Sorrento or Positano. But the charming places are many more. And, within them, we cannot stop talking about Capri. A island in the tyrrhenian sea and in the Campania region, which has become for many years one of the main tourist attractions for Italians and foreign tourists who visit it for its great beauty. A destination that continues to be mainly for people from the jet set -Although anyone can visit it-, and in which the luxury, which is combined with your traditional charm and the structure of the ancient Roman era. It is an island with charm and in a dream environment for which many fashion and luxury brands opt for their advertising spots, as is the case of a more than well-known perfume advertisement for Dolce & Gabbana in its popular faraglioni. But Capri is so much more.

Of tourist interest

One of the first things to do in Capri is travel his coast. Through it you will see various houses and even some restaurants that are located in the mountains.

In addition, on this tour of the coast, other places of interest such as the small Lovers Beach which can only be reached by swimming and which is assumed to be the meeting point for couples.

The coast also leaves other wonderful surroundings like the call Cathedral of the Sea which is an entry in the rock that the sea water has been making. Its image is quite striking because at the entrance it seems that there are stalactites, while inside the erosion itself has been making an image, reminiscent of that of a Virgin.

The boat tour of this coast also leads to see another of the most recognized areas in Capri: the faraglioni. One of them can be crossed, passing under the call Arc of Love in which couples promise each other eternal love.

And, of course, on the tour of the coast you have to be aware of the figure of a kid on which is a legend indicating that you have to greet him to visit Capri again.

Apart from the coast, the interior of Capri is of great beauty. Well worth a visit around the area of ​​the port where there are lively shops where you can buy little bells of the luck that protect people, according to the legend around San Miguel. A memory that is typical of the island.

But, in addition, you can also buy products totally custom like the flip flops that are made to measure on the spot and that you design yourself to your liking, although in the store there are numerous sample designs and even ready-made sandals to buy.

In Capri, you cannot miss the climb to the Cableway to access the top of the island and see some impressive views of the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Naples, as well as the Vesuvius volcano.

Of course, you should visit his central piazzeta and the Street from shops of brands of luxury, as well as the restaurants and the famous hotels where different celebrities and people from the international jet set usually stay.

The tour of the streets of Capri leads to the well-known Augustus gardens, which are of great beauty for the vegetation, plants and flowers in them, but also for the views from the sea and the coast.

Other points of interest are villas in which the emperor resided Tiberius, as well as Julius Caesar Y August. The historical importance also leads to visiting the area of Anacapri in which, for example, is the Medieval Church of Saint Michel and that of Saint Sophia, apart from observing other Roman villas.

And of course, if there is time, a good bath in their paradisiacal waters It is the perfect culmination of a Capri vacation.


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