15 ideal destinations for family travel

It may seem a little early to start planning your summer vacation, but the truth is that the sooner you book the flight and the hotel, the cheaper the trip will be. Of course, the first step is to choose the destinationSo if you have not decided yet, we recommend that you do not miss any of the following.

To discover what are the preferences when traveling from the familiesAirbnb has conducted a survey of parents with children under the age of 18, and among other things, they have discovered which destinations they like the most. Do you want to discover it? Well you know what you have to do! Join us!

Osaka, Japan

Top of the list is Osaka, Japan's third largest city. Although it is a very ancient, It is the most modern and also has a fervent nightlife.

Kyoto, Japan

We are still in Japan to tell you about Kyoto, which was the capital of the country for more than a thousand years. Not having suffered shelling During World War II, it conserves its spectacular heritage intact. Above all, its temples stand out.

Melbourne, Australia

In fourth position we find Melbourne, one of the most important commercial, industrial, cultural and sports centers of Australia.

Malibu, California

Another ideal family-friendly destination is Malibu, a West Los Angeles city that's famous for its weather, its beaches and for being the residence of many media stars.

Reykjavik, Iceland

In sixth place in the ranking we find Reykjavik, the capital and the most populous city of Iceland. It is located in an area where the geysers and very close to the arctic circle.

Princeville, Kauai

Another favorite family destination is Princeville, which is located in Kauai County, Hawaii. They highlight their reefs emerald green and its golf courses.

The Big Island, Hawaii

We continue in Hawaii to tell you about the Big Island, also known by the name of the archipelago. It is especially known for its volcanoes.

Bordeaux, France

We changed continents to tell you about Bordeaux, France, which has been chosen as one of the best cities to travel in 2017.

Fortaleza, Brazil

Another destination that we have to mention is Fortaleza, a municipality in Brazil that has become an important center tourist thanks to its beaches, although its commercial and financial activities also stand out.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Again we have to talk about Hawaii. In this case it is Honolulu, its capital and largest town. Among all its beautiful landscapes Waikiki Beach stands out. We also want to mention its art museums and bike paths

Miami Florida

We are still in the United States to talk to you about Miami, which is number 11 on the list. In this city located in Florida you can enjoy a scorching life nocturnal, its lively beach and its colorful art deco architecture.

Lyon, France

Another destination in France that appears on the list is Lyon, the third most populous city in the country, which houses an important heritage historical and architectural.

Valencia Spain

The only Spanish destination on the list is Valencia, a city that you already know has a lot to offer the traveler. You will discover more about it in our article "What to see in Valencia".

Edinburgh, UK

We are still in Europe to talk to you about Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, United Kingdom. Its districts include The Old Town and The New Town, declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco, in addition to its International Festival, the largest live performance festival on the planet.

Anaheim, California

Finally, we must talk about Anaheim, a city in Orange County, California. It houses the complex Holiday Disneyland Resort.

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