Places you can't miss in Andorra

A trip to Andorra It can change your conception of your favorite places. This small but charming country is geographically located between France and Spain, very close to the Pyrenees mountain range.

Andorra is the most visited country in the world in relation to its population, receiving 34 tourists for each resident. The place has become popular with its visitors for being loaded with beautiful natural landscapes, and for having some of the most enchanting places ever seen.

Are you planning to travel to this paradise? We are going to offer you a list of those places that you cannot miss in Andorra. Take note!

Andorra la Vella

Andorra La Vella is the capital with a population of more than 20,000 inhabitants, has a third of the country's population. A picturesque city with cobbled streets and small stone houses, it has a surprisingly calm atmosphere for a capital.

Ideal place to establish your "base of operations", you can find a great offer of hotels in the center of Andorra high quality at very affordable prices. From the capital you can easily access any destination that you propose.

Andorra la Vella


It is the second largest of the seven parishes in Andorra, although the population is more condensed in the cities of Encamps and Pas de la Casa, and the rest are scattered among the surrounding rural areas. It is a place that offers a unique natural environment and an opportunity to experience adventure and practice sport and hiking.

Don't forget to visit the wonderful Santa Eulàlia d’Encamp, one of the country's many religious architectural gems. Its high bell tower stands out, almost 23 meters long.


Located between 1400 and 2913 meters above sea level, Canillo is the main city of the Canillo parish. It is the gateway to the Pyrenees ski refuge, its valleys are a landscape of great beauty and wildlife conservation.

Canillo is a part of the illustrious ski resort of Grandvalira, which offers access to dozens of ski routes They vary in level of difficulty. You can't miss it!



The parish of Ordino will captivate you due to its wonderful natural environment that occupies more than 33% of its geography. A true natural lung of Andorra that will not leave you indifferent.
This parish is home to eight municipalities; Sornàs, Ordino, Segudet, La Cortinada, Ansalonga, Llorts, Arans and El Serrat. All of them have unique and charming characteristics that you should not stop enjoying.

Sorteny National Park

Located in the northeast part of the parish of Ordino in the Sorteny valley, is the most important ecological and ecotourism point of interest in Andorra. A wonderful landscape drawn by the meandering Sorteny river, with connections to the La Serrera, La Cebollera, Les Cebes and L’Estanyo rivers.

Andorra is magical and wonderful, a single trip will not allow you to feel the enchanting beauty of this country, for this reason we advise you to plan several trips to delight yourself more intensely in this privileged corner of the world.

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