Charming places in Dubrovnik that you cannot miss on your trip

In recent years, Croatia is one of the destinations that has become fashion, especially, in summer for its Beaches. The city of Dubrovnik It is one of the most visited. However, in addition to the attractions of its monuments and streets, there are many more places to visit and tour that, many times, tourists do not visit due to ignorance, lack of time or not being included in the circuits of organized trips. Is he another Dubrovnik well worth a visit to know places with much charm, which are in the same city or in its surroundings (less than an hour away). Here we count them for you to include in your travel itinerary.


Many people when traveling to Dubrovnik tend to visit only what is most touristy and its main monuments. But, in this city, there are various neighborhoods worth visiting because they have important attractions.

One of them is the neighborhood of Ploce where some important buildings are located, such as the Fort of Revelín. It also houses the Imperial Fort, which was created in 1808 by Napoleon. Another of its attractions is the Museum of Modern Art. Apart from these places of interest, it is an ideal place for panoramic views of the entire city because both forts were connected by a funicular.

Another neighborhood not to be missed when visiting Dubrovnik is the neighborhood Pile which is accessed through the door with the same name. There, you see, for example, the castle of San Lorenzo and its characteristic wide walls. In this area, there is the Imperial Hotel, which is the oldest in the city.

Finally, the tour of the neighborhoods leads to Lapad, which is under Mount Petra and where you can see beautiful gothic constructions, as well as the Church of the Virgin of Mercy, the Museum of Modern History and the Archaeological Museum.


Apart from touring the neighborhoods of Dubrovnik, in its surroundings there are beautiful surroundings that can be reached in a short time. Well worth a visit Konavlewhich is a valley where you can do indigenous activities from the area, observe the customs of its citizens and its folklore, tour the market on Sundays ... and find the authentic Croatian silk.

Nearby is also Cavtatwhich is a zfishing ona with a lot of charm, as well as the town of Vid, which is rich in Roman history and is in a Valley with fantastic views. In this town, some tangerines, which should be tried.

The journey should lead to Ston to see its walls and know its salt products, being the Salinas one of its main points of attraction, as well as the farms of oysters Y mussels. It is also an ideal place for lovers of hiking and for those who like to stroll because it has narrow streets that have a lot of history related to the Balkan War.

Other nearby points to Dubrovnik is the Trsteno Arboretum, what is a Botanical Garden impressive and in which numerous species of trees coexist, as well as Trpanj to learn about traditions such as donkey racing or Offerings to the Virgin Mary at night.

And finally, you should go to Kotor, which is well known for its merchant fleet and for the impressive view of its bay, as well as Cetinje for all its architecture and the Museum of King Nicolás. But you cannot say goodbye to Dubrovnik without approaching the Lokrum Island, which is a protected natural park in which are the ruins of a Benedictine abbey, apart from the Natural History Museum being located in the town where Maximilian of Austria lived.

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