What to see in Ghent

It is the Flemish city with the most historical buildings. Awaits you in Belgium, between Bruges and Brussels (about 50 kilometers away from both), ready to offer you its thousand charms, including an intense cultural life. Ghent is the perfect destination to get away this spring.

History, art, an urban area of ​​great beauty and an incredible social effervescence, as good University City What is it. You will find all this if you decide to plan a little trip to Ghent. A real temptation.

Full of buildings with history

What was the second largest European city north of the Alps after Paris in the 16th century has today, as then, much to offer. Therefore, if you are passionate about urban tourism, you can not miss this gem in flamenco land.

Once you are there, there are three towers that are the symbol of the city, and that correspond to three inescapable monuments: the bell tower of the St. Bavo's cathedral, the tower of the Watchtower or Belfort, and the tower of the St. Nicholas church. Three places that you can visit to start your journey through Ghent. Also, if you want to take good panoramic photos, look for the bridge of San Miguel and stop to contemplate the city.

With water as the protagonist

In Ghent there are two rivers: the Lys and the Scheldt, making water one of the elements that define it. It is recommended that you approach the Graslei, or wharf of herbalists, and at Korenlei, or dock of the barns. You will not regret it because they are two beautiful places, with their beautiful Antique buildings (some no less than from the 12th century).

Residence in the past of the counts of Flanders (Carlos I was born in the city), another place of interest is the Gravensteen or Castle of the Counts (from the 13th century), in the heart of Ghent. Climb its towers to enjoy the incredible views of the city. Near the castle is the neighborhood of Patershol. Strolling through its alleys is a pleasure that you can complete by having a beer in any of its bars or restaurants, the most typical drink in Ghent.

Top 5 Things To Do in Ghent (August 2022)

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