How to rent a car in Orlando and get to know Florida

Planning a trip takes time, and if it is to a city like Orlando it demands much more, mainly because to visit this destination it is very important that you have cheap rates on all the services you are going to use, such as airline tickets. , at the entrances to the parks, in the lodging or in the rent of a car.

It is no secret to anyone that public transportation in large cities in the United States is chaos and if you travel as a family it requires a permanent expenditure of money, a situation that is solved immediately with the reserve your car Because you will be able to have this at the time you want, you will travel very comfortable, you will save the cost of the tickets, you will be able to drive at your own pace and thus you will visit the places you want without being aware of the time to board a bus or to return to your hotel.

Travel without restrictions to the Walt Disney World Resort and other attractions

The best thing of all is that to rent your car you only have to have a credit card and a few documents that you must present at the counter: your air tickets to and from the country, passport, voucher reservation form, valid driving license (over 6 months of issue and in Latin alphabet) and a credit card in the name of the reservation holder.

From then on, the fun is on your own, because if you have already bought the tickets to visit the parks, you can arrive in your car early and enjoy the welcome of the most representative Disney characters. Already inside you can enjoy the attractions you want: roller coasters, 3D games, varied cuisine, themed restaurants ...

But Orlando is not just parks, so here are three plans that you can include in the itinerary of your visit to this wonderful city.

1. Escape to the beach

The city of Orlando does not have its own beaches, but in less than half an hour by car it is possible to get to Daytona Beach, where fun will not wait, because on the beach it is possible to find sports to practice such as volleyball, skating or some aquatic like parasiling, kayaking and snorkeling.

You can also find the Boardwalk Amusements park, which has attractions such as the roller coaster, cars, mechanical games, swimming pool and a Ferris wheel from which you can see the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Visit Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral
If you dreamed of being an astronaut as a child, you can get closer to your dream by visiting the Kennedy Space Center and enjoy a great guided tour of the Atlantis building and launch platforms 39a and 39b.

Your ticket includes the possibility of enjoying the IMAX screenings and attending the conferences or exhibitions that are in force on the date of your visit. Don't miss out on exploring the Apollo / Saturn V center and feel like Armstrong on his first space mission. It is recommended that you buy your entrance ticket in advance and that you know what objects are allowed when accessing.

3. Buy souvenirs and gifts

Not only in Miami you find stores with great discounts, in Orlando you can find shopping centers that have clothing, appliances, accessories, makeup, toys and household items with very good prices. So do not hesitate to visit them and take the occasional souvenir of your trip or, why not a gift for someone special.

Take advantage of your rented car to know those corners that travel agencies do not offer you. Dare to visit cities like Kissimmee, or if you are more risky, travel to the beaches of Tampa and let yourself be carried away by the beauty of its waters. Remember that when you leave Orlando you will probably run into tolls that will be charged to your credit card, so if you plan to leave Road Trip, warn at the counter where you pick up your car so that the device is activated tollpass. Do you have another plan to do in Orlando? Leave it in the comments.

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