Harbin, the coldest city in China

Located in the north of the country, Harbin It is the capital of Heilogjiang province, and the coldest city in China. However, the low temperatures not an iota of the touristic interest that awakens. In fact, it is one of the most visited urban enclaves.

The city became very important when the railway between Vladivostok and Dalian was built. In fact Harbin was occupied by the russians during the Russian revolution, those who left their mark. In fact, it is known as the East Moscow.

With Russian airs

Harbin is a really interesting city. Russian influence is felt everywhere: in architecture, gastronomy, culture… This diversity makes it one of the most attractive destinations in China. Due to its low temperatures, which drop incredibly in winter, Harbin celebrates every year the International Snow and Ice Festival, in which artists from all over the world create amazing ice figures.

An interesting place that you can visit if you travel to Harbin is the Central avenue, almost one and a half kilometers long (it is one of the longest pedestrian streets in Asia). It is paved with cobblestones and on both sides there are more than 70 buildings, in Chinese and European style, with all kinds of establishments.

Do not miss the hagia sophia church, Russian Orthodox, which began construction in 1903. Its Byzantine architecture is unique in China. Or the beautiful Jile Buddhist temple, 1920. In Harbin there are many things to see.

And to stroll among the trees, nothing like visiting the parks and gardens of Harbin, at least the best known. I would highlight the Sun Island Park, made up of several natural islands in the Songhua River. Widely visited both in summer and winter, when you can ice skate. It is also interesting the Stalin Park, from 1953, and which was born as a result of the friendship between Russia and China.

Winter in Harbin - THE COLDEST CITY IN CHINA (February 2023)

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