Visit the Bioparc zoo in Valencia

If you are going to be Valencia, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the Bioparc, a completely new zoo that is very careful with the environment and especially with the animals, who live there in total freedom. It is not very common to visit a zoo where all the animals are at ease without being caged, but fortunately these types of places, which we could call "new generation zoos", are beginning to be seen in various cities around the world.

In Bioparc Valencia, the animals are separated from the visitors thanks to natural barriers formed by rivers, waterfalls or trees, but never with any element that prevents them from moving freely or forces them to stay in a small space. A highly recommended place for all animal lovers, especially if you have children as they will love to see them in their habitat and feel that they are practically out for a walk with them.

Here you will also enjoy some animals in Danger of extinction, such as the Baringo giraffe (there are only 500 left in the world) or a Dril calf, which was born a little while ago and of whose species there are only about 5,000 worldwide. Furthermore, Bioparc collaborates with the Fundación Instituto del Trópico to recover and reintroduce in the mountains and jungles of various parts of the world some species that are in danger of extinction.

You can also see several species of primates, like apes, gorillas or chimpanzees and many more. Within this wonderful zoo you can not only enjoy the animals but there are 3 restaurants where you can eat or have a drink while you rest for a little while, these places are always exhausting. The Bioparc Valencia is in the Pío Baroja avenue, number 3.

It opens at 10 in the morning and depending on the time of year it closes at 17, 18 or 19 hours. Tickets cost € 23.80 for adults and € 18 for children, but they usually launch special promotions with which you save a lot.

Bio Parc zoo in Valencia quick tour (July 2024)

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