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Much has changed in Mongolia since the time of Genghis Khan. Today it is one of the most impressive jewels, which little by little, is being discovered in the world. You can explore it on foot, on horseback or in a good off-road vehicle. Its surprising Wonderfuls natural and its history full of colorful tales and adventures, you will fall in love.

The Mongols are dedicated, for the most part, to being shepherds that you can see wandering around the field. You must not stop visiting Dov Undur. It's about forty-five minutes, by car, from the big city, Ulaanbaatar. Here you can stay in the rural houses for travelers. The best way to explore the area is on foot or on horseback. And don't forget to try the national drink; the milk mare fermented. In Ulaanbaatar you can find modern hotels, shops and restaurants designed especially for tourists.

Another place you must visit is Kharakhorm. It is the old capital of the province and has a long history. Turkish monuments adorn the region, as does the old monastery and cemetery. The gobi desert It is another interesting part of the Mongolian landscape. It is a vast region of the steppe. It covers approximately 35% from the country.

In the center of the Gobi is Yolin Amwhich is the mountain valley Zunn Saikhan. It is in the center of the Gobi, and it has impressive views where you can take impressive photos of the huge rocky walls and waterfalls.

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